Weatherclock initial setup instructions

First, download the Electric Imp app, and enter these credentials:

Username: clocksetup
Password: Welcome!

Here you will choose CONFIGURE A DEVICE.

If you wish to clear the settings and code of the imp, choose CLEAR A DEVICE'S SETTINGS. However,
today we're configuring your clock for your WiFi.

VERY IMPORTANT! At this page, select "Use Advanced Settings" This is how you will connect your wifi to the clock, but also retain the firmware installed on the Electric Imp wifi card. Not doing so will connect your clock to wifi, but not connect the card to the weather code.

Once you have selected "Use advanced settings" press "WiFi" above.

Add your WiFi network and password here. The Electric Imp will not work on 5G networks. Click NEXT.

You'll most likely want to leave "Assign static IP address" disabled. Click NEXT.

You'll most likely want to disable "Use manual proxy settings." Click NEXT.

Here is where you direct your Electric Imp to connect to the Robotpirate codebase. Select "Use Customer Account..."

...and select Robotpirate. Click NEXT.

Plug in your power supply. If you've already done so, unplug and plug it back in at this point. The Electric Imp card listens for the Blinkup event shortly after power on.

Follow these instructions, press START BLINKUP once your card is flashing, and then proceed to the next step.

At the end of this countdown, the phone screen will flash white, encoding the setup information into the Electric Imp via the sensor on the card. If this is being done in a bright room, try covering the unit with something to darken it relative to the screen flash.

Once the setup information is encoded, the app will attempt to ping the clock to check connection. This process may need to be repeated once or twice if the Electric Imp is new, and it seeks an update from the internet.

Once connection is confirmed, you will see a page similar to this. You won't need to change any settings. You should have an "Electric Imp Agent" page available, unique to your Electric Imp. This is the control page where you set the location of your clock, the brightness of the backlights, when it dims or wakes for nighttime, etc.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ping me at

Thank you!


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